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September 2015 whole herd tested negative again for 
Brucellosis, TB, CAE, Johne's, and CL!

Hypocalcemia - What it is and how is it prevented/treated?

Our small farmstead is currently home to four does (LaMancha & Mini-Mancha). They each have individual box stalls that they stay in each night, a large pasture & forest to browse, free-choice orchard grass/clover hay, loose minerals and a protein block.  We perform our own fecal tests and de-worm the goats only as needed using either Ivomec or Dectomax administered orally. We utilize di-methox 12.5% for coccidia control and vaccinate for CDT and pneumonia.


 photo Simcha - multi.jpg

Buckskin color
Registered MDGA Mini LaMancha
62.5% LM,   37.5% ND
DOB: 3-20-2010
"Simcha" is registered MDGA, mini-LaMancha, and is 26.5 inches tall at the withers. She has high milk production (1 gallon at peak),  very easy keeper, has great body capacity, lovely brisket, correct legs, and would easily milk through an extended lactation period.  She has a very sweet disposition, is polite on the milk stand, and has perfect sized teats for hand milking. She has given us triplets three years in a row!

Tempo Kim

 photo 7cc64031-85b3-483c-aabd-1c44a4d1b0e6.jpg  

Purebred ADGA LaMancha #L001517982   DOB: 2-25-10
"Kim" was a 2010 spotlight Sale Doe and has superb genetics! We are incredibly thrilled to have her on our farm!! She is perfect on the milk stand and her large teat size allows for very easy hand milking. She has strong medial & fore-udder attachments, long body & neck, strong top line, good feet and correct legs. We are excited to see her kids in spring of 2016! All of her kids will be retained.


 photo Daiquiri - multi.jpg

Purebred ADGA LaMancha #L001633313   DOB: 4-6-13
"Daiguiri" is a beautiful 2 yr old first freshener with a very nice udder, strong attachments and excellent teat size,  She is a grand-daughter of our Tempo Kim doe and is a very easy keeper and has good conformation. She is super easy to hand milk with her large teat size.  We are anxious to see how her udder develops upon her 2nd freshening.

Promise Me

 photo Promise - 4 months August 2015- multi.jpg

Promise Me    
Swiss pattern color
Purebred ADGA LaMancha #L001721156   DOB: 4-3-15
"Promise" is an up and coming yearling first freshener. We are excited to see how she continues to develop and what her udder looks like when she freshens spring of 2016!