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Tempo Kim


10*M Tempo Kim

Sire: SG +*B Tempo Liggety, SS: SGCH ++B Becca's Tucson, SD: SG 4*M Tempo Mia
Dam: SCCH 9*M Tempo Evianna, DS: SG ++*B Kastdemur's Tach Lach, DD: SGCH 8*M Tempo Kristi

"Kim" was a 2010 spotlight Sale Doe and has superb genetics.  She has a very sweet disposition, beautiful top line, and excellent udder attachments. 
She was shown twice in 2016 in the 5+ year old Milker class and won 1st at Mountain State Fair and 2nd at Raleigh State Fair! 
Kim is AI'd to Lucky*Star's QK Pinnacle and freshened with twins, buck (MLRT Ceasar) and doe (MLRT Victoria). We are retaining both!

Majenli CB Daiquiri


1*M Majenli CB Daiquiri
Sire: Majenli BK Chaos,  SS: Mint*Leaf Bakari, SD: 10*M Tempo Kim
Dam: Majenli Braxton, DS: *B Little Orchard SC Zip Code, DD: CH Welbian-Farm's SIL Bicentenial

"Daiquiri" is a beautiful doe with strong udder attachments, a smooth fore-udder, excellent teat size, and a strong top line.  She is a very easy keeper and has a sweet disposition. 

Lucky*Star's LB Faythe


6*M Lucky*Star's LB Faythe
DOB: 1-29-2015
ADGA Pedigree


Sire: SG Lucky*Star's RA Bravo, SS: Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around, SD: SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Accolade
Dam: SGCH 5*M Lucky*Star's AZ Anjelica, DS: Alder*Rose Zakharvo , DD: SGCH 4*M Lucky*Star's LOT Vivian

We were thrilled to add Faythe to our herd! Thank you Don & Terri! 
This 2 yr old 2nd freshener is tall and long. We are excited to see how she matures. She is giving around 13 lbs of milk!

MLRT Saffron


MLRT Saffron
Gorgeous tan & white
DOB: 2-27-2016
ADGA Pedigree

Sire: Majenli EC Ezekiel, SS: Mint*Leaf  Eclipse, SD: CH Majenli Cleopatra
Dam: 1*M Majenli CB Daiquiri, DS: Majenli BK Chaos, DD: Majenli Braxton

Saffron freshened on May 4th with a single doeling that we will retain. Her udder is looking very good so far! She won best udder in her yearling class at the Evin Evan's show!

MLRT Victoria


MLRT Victoria
DOB: 2-12-17
ADGA Pedigree

Sire: SGCH Lucky*Star's QK Pinnacle, SS: SGCH Quixote Kate's Kareem, SD: Quixote Anakate
Dam: 10*M Tempo Kim, DS: SG *+B Tempo Liggety,  DD: SGCH 9*M Tempo Evianna

Victoria won Grand Champion in ring#1 at the Evin Evan's show! We are so proud of her!

MLRT Cookie


MLRT Cookie
DOB: 3-10-17
ADGA Pedigree

Sire: Majenli EE Huckleberry, SS: Mint*Leaf Eclipse, SD: GCH Majenli DD Emerald
Dam: 1*M Majenli CB Daiquiri, DS: Majenli BK Chaos,  DD: Majenli Braxton

MLRT Abigail


MLRT Abigail
DOB: 5-4-17
ADGA Pedigree