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Celebration of Life

July 1, 2017 

We hosted a Celebration of Life for our late Mother and Father. It was a beautiful day with family & friends.

Buck Collection 2016

This fall, September 20th, 2016 we will host a goat semen collection event processed by Capra Gia Caprine Services.  A maximum of 10 bucks can be processed in one stop. We will be collecting our two bucks so will have room for more bucks. Let us know if you're interested.

Please read Collecting Your Buck and Fees for important information on pricing, your responsibilities, preparing your buck for collection, what to expect on collection day, and paperwork filing policy. 

The bucks are collected on the first day and processed overnight. The frozen semen will be available for pick up the following day. You are welcome to keep your nitrogen tanks at our house until you can return to pick it up and we also have some space in our tank to temporarily store some if necessary. 

For those of you that have not submitted your buck's DNA already, Capra Gia Semen is offering DNA testing service.

Here are My Little Red Tractor's guest rules: 
  1. Each goat must be healthy - no snotty noses or abscesses of any kind or you will be asked to leave.
  2. PROOF of negative CAE within 12 months of collection date. A copy must be emailed to us ASAP or prior to arrival.
  3. Bring your own 'hot' doe.
  4. You will need to utilize your trailer as a pen.
  5. NO dogs allowed.
  6. Children must be supervised.
  7. Remember to bring your lunch, drinks and chairs

BBQ - October 2014

Boy this has been a rough 10 days or so. The Pig Pickin' was fun and reasonably successful but it was a huge job. Without the help of Mary Katherine and her family I couldn't have done it. Even with their help, the preparation and cleanup was overwhelming. Plus we had to pick up the other pig, get him cut into primals and then process those. 260 pounds worth of pig is a lot to manage and I was on my feet without a break for over 12 hours yesterday. Probably have that much work again when everything comes out of the salt, and even more when I grind and make sausage. But I am so thankful for the blessing of the harvest. It really is a miracle how God takes a lowly animal like a pig and mixes him with sunshine, fresh air, acorns, hickory nuts, and corn to produce such an incredible bounty for a family. Our farm already produces so much food it could feed several families easily and it isn't even in production yet. There are a lot of external inputs of course (primarily livestock feed), which is a sustainability issue. That is a tough nut to crack but it can be done. The key I believe is to think about it not as a farm, but as a Food Production System. That makes it an engineering problem which can be solved with ingenuity and perseverance. This time we only invited family and close friends to this one because it was kind of a trial run. Next year we are planning to make it a bigger deal with more people, more food and maybe some cool harvest time activities. We hope to have our first market garden next year and a Pig Pickin' can be a useful way to promote the farm.  photo 2014-10-18_13-25-58_745.jpg  photo 2014-10-18_13-25-08_712_2.jpg  photo 10354882_10201867472568142_3071497081282695970_n.jpg