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Summer 2017


We have 9 hives now! We split several hives then added new queens from Georgia. We also have a few swarms trapped by Ken.

We have only harvested one super so far and got 2 gallons of delicious honey!

Spring 2017


Early Spring 2017 

We are painting new supers & nuc boxes getting ready to expand all three hives!!  

Winter 2016



As of March 15, 2017, all three hives have endured the winter and are doing well. We will be adding a total of 2 medium supers on each hive as well as a total of 3 deep brood boxes throughout the summer this year.
We will split "Neo" and hopefully succeed in making two more hives! 

The Beginning...


On June 11, 2016 we added honey bees to the farm!  

On May 13th, 2016 we purchased two new hive boxes (10 frames deep) and painted them with 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of white latex paint.  

On Saturday, June 11th we visited a very experienced & successful bee keeper just a few miles from our farm, Ken Medlin in Hurdle Mills, NC. We purchased two healthy nucs with marked queens. What an amazing visit we had with Ken. His apiary is located in the middle of a large, beautiful, well manicured orchard filled with 15 different varieties of grapes, blackberries, fruit trees and clover. Below is a picture of a small part of his orchard. 

Ken placed 5 frames full of comb & bees into our 10 frame deep boxes that we had brought with us. I was amazed at how docile the bees were while making this transfer.  Both have marked queens and we were able to find both of them!  Below are a few photos I took of the process.


Below are a few pictures of our two hives. We are using the internal top box feeder to provide syrup for them and will also start providing pollen for a high protein source. Our goal is to get both strong enough by fall to fill three deep brood chambers!! 

July 14th, 2016 --- We added a 3rd hive!!  :)  
A very strong 5 frame nuc from Ken with a marked queen.